Paulina Szymaniuk is a graphic designer and painter besed in Hamburg. She studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She worked for many years in various magazines as a graphic designer and art director. At the same time, she has been creating paintings and illustrations.


Her works are recognizable, characterized by strong contours and vivid colors. Favorite themes are animals and people.


If she doesn't draw or paint, she can be found on a canoe, climbing wall, or a bicycle route.


since 2016 freelancer   /   2015 book design: "Complementary training for climbers"   /   2013-2014 art director in WRÓŻKA magazine   /   2011-2014 art director in online designing platform DOM+DOM 

2011 graphic designer in TWÓJ STYL magazine   /   2008-2010 art director in WRÓŻKA magazine

2008 art director in WERANDA magazine   /   2006-2008 art director in DOM & WNĘTRZE magazine

2004-2006 graphic designer in  DOM & WNĘTRZE magazine